Monday, February 3, 2014

African Bound

If you haven't heard, Joel leaves for Malawi Africa on Sunday.  He is over the moon excited !!!!
He will be gone for two weeks and wish he was home already.  His last shots will be this Friday.
I will be carrying my tablet where ever I go.  Never know when he will have time to Skype me.  They are 8 hours ahead of us. 

His team will be helping the people with their Jesus Cares Ministry program, trying to serve the disabled better and teach the local people to do the same.  I think there are a few fun things planned like a Safari.

So this weeks meals were picked by Joel.  I told him I will make whatever he would like because you don't know if you might be eating snake or elephant for a meal. 

I made him a cherry pie (from canned Door County cherries), lasagna for last nights supper.

He also picked deep fried turkey, chop suey and my homemade pizza.  He has a few more meals to fill in yet. 

If you would, please say a prayer for Joel and his team for safe travel and to stay healthy.  Also, I would like to add another prayer for Joel's  cousins family as the 6 of them travel to the Philippians the day before him.  Their adoptive son Andrew is from there and 5 years later they are returning to visit.  May God watch over all of them.

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  1. This is going to be a great trip for Joel. I know he's be a blessing to the people there. I also know you'll miss him lots! So, praying for both of you!


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