Thursday, January 30, 2014

Furnace : 101

Oh my ...... I am not complaining but my sweet husband has been gone A LOT the last three weeks.  Like the whole week, Sun-Thur.  I am thankful I have a 20 year old son and a 48 year old brother that live with me or I would be very lonely.  I do get to go once in awhile.  Like this weekend was Iowa.  The scenery was unbelievable (kidding) so boring. There were many, many, many fields, barns, a few cows and cars/trucks in the ditch.  We spent 800 total miles of quality time together.

Anyway, I came home from work and found a clogged toilet, one guy tried and could not get it.  Got the younger one and one plunged and it was fixed.  But had to scrub the floor again.  Enough said.

I was doing supper dishes and it felt a tad cool in the house.  Thermostat read 62 brrrrr especially when it was -20 outside.  I turned it up to 70.  I called our friend John and he came to check it out.  Temperature continues to decline. 

I then called Joel's cousin and her husband, Linda and Dennis, they own a heating a cooling business.  Bless Dennis's heart, we were on the phone alot that evening and the next day.  I took the panel off, changed the filter, counted color lights and learned when you put the two numbers together you then look at the panel and see what those numbers mean.  My blower was not calibrating but we had heat coming out of the vents.  Dennis called me the next morning to check up on things and my green and yellow light was still flashing.   I took off another panel and moved the dib switches back and forth 7 times.  If I did not get this fixed soon the blower would go and there would be no heat at all.

The long and short of it all in I did have to call a guy, he looked it at and did a small repair.  The heat is good to go.  I think I impressed the Fondy repair people when I called them and said I have a 44 going on, told them what it was and I moved these switches back and forth and changed the filter. 

A little furnace 101 lesson !!!  Thanks Dennis for all your help. 

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