Friday, January 17, 2014

the end of the week

I love my Thursday and Fridays.  I get to work "in" the home and not "out" of it.  I really love when I get baking requests.  Phil asked for Molasses Cookies. My only problem was I had no molasses.

Along the way I passed Goodwill.  I like to stop once in awhile and check out their plates for my plate rack.
Found two at .99 each.

Was in Wal-Mart to get the molasses and a sign caught my eye $1.00.  What is this ????  I looked at the tags and yes these sporty Capri's were $1.00. I splurged and got two pairs, red and gray.
Seems like this has been happening often.  They tell us every day next week to expect snow.

When we get the snow these make an appearance often.  They might leave the house at 3,4, or 5 in the morning.  Phil and his partner have 11 houses to do snow removal for.  We never  know when he is leaving the house because he is so loud  quite about it.

Thinking a little about summer today.  Ice tea came to my mind.  I brewed some tea and put it in my grandma's pitcher.  A girl can pretend, right.

I was told this morning that there is a gift card in the cupboard with our names on it.  I guess someone is taking me to dinner.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Good bargains! How does Phil have snow removal accounts where you live? Has school not started back up for him.

    Love the iced tea....sometimes when its not spring, you gotta just think it. ;)


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