Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After 50

I turned 50 actually a year ago so really it should be 51.  Many things have changed and someone told me it is time to try a few new things. 

I had a friend from my new church (our boys played baseball together) encourage me to come to the Ladies Society in January.  Ummmm.... when I think of a Ladies Society I think of a bunch of "older" women getting together for fellowship, having a bible study, drinking coffee, having a treat, a business meeting and maybe what they would make for a Lenten dinner.

Last night was Ladies Society and Mary had gotten 4 of us including her as new members to show up.  We are all  done with kids school stuff & have  some extra time on our hands.  The 5 of us walked in together and these "older" ladies clapped.  They were so happy we came and said they need some new and younger blood in their group. 

All of the above happened as I guessed.  Our group of 5 even got signed up to serve in March.  As I sat there and looked at this group of women I realized that they are so wise in the word, love their Lord and are ready to serve their church in any way they can.  I can be a part of this group because I feel the same way.  It was fun meeting these new ladies, we had lots of laughs and I learned about all the ways they serve at our church. 

Thanks Mary O. for inviting me.  We went from bleachers to sitting in metal chairs in a fellowship hall.  I know it will be just as fun !!!


  1. So good to embrace whatever season of life we are in. You will be a sweet blessing to others around you, whether its on the ball field or in a church.

  2. wish I could be part of that group!!! What fun we would have!!! :)

  3. looks like we are all entering a new phase of life. So funny that we connected in those last years of busy high school days to now empty nests. It is certainly new territory. Glad you have found a place to feel useful.


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