Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have to say I have neglected this part of my life.  Blogging...  I really want to try to get back into this, pictures and all.

So many changes in our life, Joel with a new job and gone a lot.  I am not complaining because I knew this would be part of it. He just loves every aspect of this job.  Just ask him and he grins from ear to ear telling you about it.   We also joined a new church in town and it feels like home already.  So many families from the high school that the kids went to.  It is enjoyable to have my husband sit with me most every Sunday in the pew and bible class.  He preaches once in awhile and it is a treat to hear him proclaim the message from the puplit.

My brother Kurt came on some hardship and now lives with us.  Can I say the Lord has such a sense of humor on this one.  My brother and I grew up with him driving me crazy.  As adults it seems to continue.  I love him and pray for patience every day hour that we are together. 

Phil... well he now is on snow removal for his job.  Sometimes he leave the house in the very early a.m. or very late at night.  The poor guy is then bored when there is no snow coming down.  He gets a list of chores to do for me and is also thankful for some unemployment. 

I am working M-T-W a total of 20 hours.  Which sometimes seems a little to much.  I am trying to do a little traveling with Joel.  People ask me you must get so lonely when he is gone.  Yes, I miss him, but lonely not at all with a 20 yr old and 48 yr old living under my roof.   People also ask me do I miss being the "pastors" wife.  My answer is NO. I am still married to a pastor but just taken out of the parish ministry setting.  We are enjoying being lay people, having our own pastor and "his" wife and being a part of a congregation in a different way.   

So this picture on here really has nothing to do with anything.  It was snowing today, went on a mail run at work and saw this lonely bike.  I took this picture with my phone, got back to the office and heard that there is only 76 days until spring. 


  1. So much change but so much good! Thanks for sharing, LuAnn. How wonderful you're settling into your "new life" and you've found a church home. Can I ask which one? FDL is blessed with a number of wonderful churches!
    Love from Michigan. xo

  2. I'm here catching up! I'm so glad Joel is enjoying the job and that you have found a church you are feeling part of. You've certainly had a lot of change, but you always have a great attitude!


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