Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas at our house

The theme in our house this year is "simple".
That is what we did.  Just a few things put out and focusing on the coming of our Savior.
Our tree is filled with picture ornaments, the kids get one each year, Joel and I have several and a few family members.

Made this wreath a few weeks ago.

We got the ornament as an engagement gift from dear friends of our family - The Johnsons.

Do you see what is missing??  No baby Jesus till Christmas.

I have quite the collection of this Flurryville group.

My mom made this cute little man.

A man from our last congregation made us this nativity.  Lots of detail.
My kitchen table and we have a candle in each window of the house.


  1. Lovely! Sometimes I miss our mantle from our old apartment - there's not really much knickknack room in this house.

  2. It looks very festive, and yet homey!

  3. So pretty, so peaceful.

    Can't believe how blond Phil was and how young Elizabeth was in '92. So fun!!


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