Thursday, December 20, 2012

birthday, blizzard, family ......

Today was a nasty blizzard, the town shut down and the 3 of us spent quality time in the house.
And it was my birthday.  I loved every minute of it.
Except from doing laundry it was a lazy day.

 Enjoyed our tree,
 Some cookies
Who doesn't love getting cards in the mail?

 The snow just kept coming
 and coming

Enjoyed the warmth of  a fire for most of the day.

 Joel and Phil made me a card - 50 things we love about you.

Got some pretties in this box.

Crocheted my afternoon away.

Got phone calls and text message from family and friends 
 These two were in and out several time for snow removal.
This was a circus.  Anyone who knows Joel he likes to take care of his driveway and snow removal.  No tire tracks or ice get on our driveway.  He keeps It clean so no one slips.  A man from church was trying to do something nice and remove our snow. (truck in middle) While taking one sweep he went off the driveway and got hung up.  Lots of tires and mud spinning.  The red truck (neighbor) drove by and pulled him out.  Plow still could not move so black truck (another neighbor pulled him out.  We spent more quality time as a family trying to clean it up.

After that the guys went and picked up Chinese for dinner.  It is a birthday I will never forget.

Thank you Lord for 50 years of Grace.


  1. Happy Birthday, my friend!!! So glad it was such a good day!

    I love seeing your pictures of the snow! But am glad I am here and not there! ha!

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day. My 50th is in a little over a year :)

  3. What a memorable birthday! Enjoyed your pictures, "DeLann"!

  4. I'm so happy for you :) That card...the best! Might have to suggest that for my own 50th (in April)


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