Friday, December 14, 2012

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.

First, so glad to that it is Friday !!!!  Such a crazy weekend and just can't stop thinking of everything I need to do.

I am wearing a new pair of boots today.  I think they look so cute but thought I was truly to old to wear them.  Then my sweet niece Katie told me you are never to old to wear boots. 

I finished all of my crocheted Christmas gifts, got the wrapped and off to the post office they go today.

Proud of my son, first semester of college and he did great with his finals.  All A's and B's.  This is really a big deal because when he was in high school, well I guess you can say he did what he needed to get by.  We are thinking because he studying something that he really has an interest in makes a big difference. 

Tomorrow is our faculty/staff Christmas party for church.  It is a progressive dinner ending with dessert at our home.  There are two other ladies helping me too.  I love to entertain and getting all my glassware, holiday glasses, etc...

Sunday evening is our live Nativity at church.  They present their short little skit three times.  Last year the figured we had about 800 people.  We serve hot chocolate and cookies inside of church afterwards. 

Enjoy your weekend !!



  1. Yes, it's my first time to link up! I've done it before but just found where you link up!! ha!

    I need to see a picture of your boots!! and yes, I agree with your niece!

    We WILL make it through!! :)

  2. Katie is right: no one's ever too old to wear boots!

    I'm dreading going to the post office to mail gifts. :(

    So glad your son did well. That first semester can be really challenging. Good for him!

  3. I agree ... I don't think we're ever too old to wear boots. I think you need to share a picture of your new boots.

    So glad that your son did well his first semester.

  4. We used to do progressive dinners with our youth group. So fun.

    One year we even did a fast food one. Go figure - - - a fast food progressive dinner.

  5. Hooray for Phil!
    Your live nativity sounds like something I would love to see!


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