Wednesday, May 30, 2012

high school baseball - it's done.

Philip's high school baseball season ended in the second playoff game tonight.  We had high hopes of going far like we did last year when we won state.  But those weren't the Lord's plans this year.
It was a difficult loss of 4-1 especially for those 9 seniors.  It was difficult as parents.  I have sat with three sets of parents from 5th-12th grade.  What a ride it was.  We wondered how many brats, burgers, bottled water etc.. that we have had in all those years.  Sitting in  the heat, being in the wind and having part of the field blowing at you, even in your mouth.  The cheering, driving, sitting in the cold and rain.  I loved every single minute of it and just like that it is done. 

The hardest part is having your son come out of the dugout with the rest of the seniors and see them crying. 
Giving him a hug and having him sob on your shoulder and you sob right along with him.
(Crying as I write this.) What really hurt as his mom there was no way for me to take the hurt away.
It was gut wrenching and I felt ill. 
When the boys got back to town the went to dinner together and spent the whole night in my backyard around the campfire.  I got up at 5:30 a.m. and they were leaving.  It was really good for them to be together. 

I will miss seeing my #25 run with his speed around the bases.

 I will miss seeing #25 have that huge smile on his face after he hits a homerun.
I will miss seeing #25 trying to steal a base and gets back to the base before getting picked off.
 There are so many things I will miss about Philip, his team and this game.
I knew it was going to end one day - just not this soon.

Dad and I are very proud of you Phil.  You used the gifts the Lord gave you !!!
Love you !!!!


  1. Now I'm tearing up!! What beautiful, wonderful years it's been and the future looks so bright! Cheers to the next chapter. It's going to be good! Love to you all!

  2. What wonderful memories - and I know Phil really appreciates all the support you and Joel have given him through his sports career in school.
    Glad you have so many great pictures to keep the memories with.

  3. Crying as I read it! Love you guys! I hope Ben has a wonderful group of friends too!!!


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