Friday, June 1, 2012

old chairs & spray paint

Remember my posting about this chair a few months ago, a dumpster find. 
 Check out the picture below on the finished looked.  Amazing what spray paint can do. 
Looks great in the kitchen. That is the start on my old chair fascination.
Joel's  parents were here for a few days after graduation.  One afternoon was a resale shopping day.
Found the chair below for only $3.99.  I love the curved back and that little cut-out in the middle.
 Here is the finished look.  Another awesome look in the blue and yellow kitchen.
Spray paint has become one of my greatest friends.
Our kitchen chairs around the table are not in the best shape.  Someday my plan is to have all different chairs, with many colors around the table. 
 This chair a litle more expensive - $6.99. 
Parts of it remind me of a chair my parents have in their home.  Their chair was found in an old farm house in Watertown, WI. 
This old chair got a good Murphy Oil scrub and will stay this original. No spray paint on this one. 
This is Joel's new chair behind his computer at home. 
I am sure you will be seeing more of these old chairs on here someday.


  1. I love your chairs! Makes me want to take my plain old scandinavian look (from KMart) dining set & repaint it. But I'm sure the feeling will pass because I'm NOT crafy & I'm sure I'd get more paint on myself than the furniture.

  2. You've found some good ones! I like what you did to each.


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