Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GRADUATION- it's over, finished, WOW what a whirlwind

WOW - I can not believe after all the planning, prep, family that came from out of town, friends who took time out of their lives to come to his party, the actual graduation service and sooooo many pictures that it is done.  My baby is a high school graduate and ready to move on to the next step in his life.

The weekend was truly a blessing, a gift from the Lord to have both of our families together to celebrate this special day with Joel, Phil and myself.

I admit I was a little bonkers with the stress and feeding 136 people on Saturday.  People tell me they thought it went very smoothly and we had plenty of food.  So I won't be doing any cooking this week.

Now I have a few many pictures below.  I was just so darn proud of this boy and the way he handled himself the whole weekend.  Greeting each guest, trying to mingle and be social with all. 

These two little people got here on Thursday with their parents (Joel's brother and his wife).  We never met the little man who will be three in August. 

On Friday it was raining so we took a walk.
Saturday we had Phil's party, family, grade school and high school teachers, neighbors, friends from church all took time out of their day to congratulate Philip.
My brother and Joel's brother.

Our little niece.
Phil the greeter.
He just wanted more frosting.
2nd cousins that traveled from MI.
My little brothers.  Really I am the oldest.
 Some of the cousins loved playing this game.
Sunday - Graduation Day!!!
I LOVE this picture of my boys.

Phil with cousins and
some more cousins.
We took their picture with Philip on Saturdy because they had a wedding to go to on Sundayfor Lisa's  family.
Was glad they could spend this day with us.
 Both sets of grandparents.

 Joel's aunts and uncles have been a big part of Phil's life too.
My brother Keith, for some reason he always thouht he should be a model for the JCPenney catalog.

 Joel is the chairman of the board for Phil's school.  He hands out the diplomas, when Phil hugged him I needed a kleenex.


  1. What great pictures! LOVE that pic of your guys in their blue ties (& the last one - I teared up too). I don't want to diss your brothers, but you're prettier than they are :)

  2. I love seeing all the family pictures and the love shown throughout! You have every right to be proud of Phil - he's a great young man. I got teary at the picture of Joel and Phil too.


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