Friday, February 28, 2014

We are in Phoenix

We had a four hour direct flight and Joel told me it seemed like I did o.k.  The first hour was a little a little bumpy but we were enjoying being in the first row with plenty of leg room.  Had a 77 yr old man sitting next to me (he and his wife got separate seating, not by choice) he was quite the yapper. After Joel got up and then I got up he comment was "I feel like I am flying with the biggest people."  WHAT ?!?!?!?!    I said and he was talking about our height.

We did get a tour of the city (not planned)  because the gps was crazy last night and took us all the way to other side of  Phoenix.  When we finally got to our hotel & we could not get the summer clothes on quick enough.  It was a balmy 82 when we landed.

We had someone tells us we had to go to Alice Cooperstown.  They have a big have a dog called the BIG Unit.  We actually split this thing and I couldn't even finish my half.

Tomorrow is a Brewer game and Joel preaches too.  Not sure about the game though, talking rain most of the day.

Till tomorrow.

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