Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome SPRING ???

Woo Hoo for the first day of Spring !!!!
I am thinking a few things are missing.  We can't see the grass, so then of course nothing is starting poke through the dirt, no blossoms on the branches and no windows open for any fresh air.
Instead are pictures of our yard with lot of the white stuff.
You can see in the bottom picture the snow is much higher than our deck.  
Everyone is the Midwest is tired  of snow and cold.  It really seems like we won't see grass until June.
I hope the Robins know to stay away for awhile yet.

So I decided to bring Spring to our kitchen table.
A few weeks ago I planted some grass seed in the little pots. 
I even had to cut the grass a few times.  
I found the fresh flowers on clearance at the grocery store for $5 bucks. 
I put a mason jar inside the pitcher to hold the flowers. 
It makes me smile knowing what I hope we have to look forward too soon. 


  1. so sorry you still have snow!!! I have to say this is exactly why I love living in the south!!! :)

  2. at least you have some spring in your house!

  3. We are in the same boat, even down here in Missouri! We had a couple warm days that melted the snow, but we are supposed to get more the next few days. I thought I'd left Wisconsin! :) It reminds me of our last year in Wisconsin when we got a huge snow storm and church was canceled on Good Friday!! That was 2008.


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