Friday, March 22, 2013

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.
** Tried two new recipes this week.  Got the thumbs up on them.  Well actually one I made in 1998.  I date the recipes when I make them and if they are for company I put who was here.  Is that weird???
**Finished a afghan for a wedding present.  My mom gave me extra yarn she had and had a fun baby blanket pattern.  Now I just need someone to have a baby to give it too.  
** SPRING ???? really not happening here in WI.  Has been record cold.  I did bring spring to my kitchen table though.  I planted the grass in the pots a few weeks ago.

**Can you feel the madness???  March madness that is !!!  We have our brackets filled out.  Joel started a group online for my family to fill in our brackets online and  compete against each.  I cannot even tell you have competitive the whole group is. 

**The cabbage recipe I talked about a few weeks ago, well we are still obsessed with.

**The boys will be busy coaching their 8th grade traveling basketball team this weekend.  Me - well there will be crocheting, cleaning, crocheting, browsing purchasing more yarn, watching college basketball, crocheting, some shopping with two friends and of course lunch. 

**Palm Sunday is this weekend. I love that Sunday of the church year.  Then holy week starts and in a preachers house it is not one of the more calmer weeks of your life.  But so many opportunities for worship. 

**And I just have to share two pictures that cracked me up !!


  1. Love those pictures :) We've had flurries - & are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow Sunday/Monday. I guess our Palm Sunday procession will be INSIDE the church this year - ha!

    I've never really thought about all the work that goes into Holy week - but this year I'm in the choir AND on the Altar Guild & let me tell you it's almost like being at a fashion show in the Episcopal Church. Putting the red on everything for Palm Sunday, switching to black for Maundy Thursday, taking everything off on Friday, and then sneaking in sometime on Saturday to put the white stuff on.

  2. A friend of mine is going to teach me to crochet!!

    our wonderful spring weather last weekend has turned COLD again..ugh. It snowed just a few miles north of us and my heater is back on. very depressing.

  3. I filled out a bracket this year! Haven't done one in years. It was fun! I won't watch most of the games, though. :)

    Spring WILL come! I'm holding onto that.

  4. No, that's not weird, its organized...and brilliant!

    I LOVE the grass idea...think I might do that!


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