Saturday, March 9, 2013

the streets of Milwaukee

We took a small little ride to Milwaukee, picked up my niece who is student teaching there, headed to the Waterfront Brewery for dinner, and had fun menus that were in newspaper form.

Do you remember the T.V. show "Happy Days?"  The family lived in Milwaukee and then there was Fonzi.  We were on a mission to find the bronze Fonzi statue.  We took the river walk and got directions from several of the locals.  Funny thing we got wrong directions each time.  WE started to get cold so we got in the car to like for this statue and finally found it.  Woo Hoo what a big deal that was ( I am kidding).

We needed to warm up and found a Starbucks.  There was an ice rink in front of the place.  $8 to rent skates and I really did not need any broken bones so we tried to with our boots.  It was a hoot !!!!!

Was a great family night of many giggles, stories, good food and walking, well lots of walking.


  1. What a fun visit! I wish I'd had an aunt and uncle like that when I was in college... although I shouldn't complain, because mine go out of their way for MY kids and that's more important!

    They set up a skating rink in an empty lot downtown every winter here (yes, even in the south) and although we didn't get there this year, we usually do. It's fun!

  2. I love your close family! Looks like everyone had fun!


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