Wednesday, March 13, 2013

my cup overflows.....

The basement....  it is time to clean up the basement.  It is full of things that we no longer use. Things that once upon a time were important. 

My overflowing basement is a testimony to God's goodness. He pours out so many blessings on us we can't even use them all.  It helps us understand how God's love overflows in our lives.

As God's love overflows, it fills you to overflowing, and as you have more than plenty for yourself, you will, in turn, begin to fill up others with God's abundant love.

Are you overflowing will love?  God's grace is far more than you will ever need.

"My cup overflow." 
Psalm 23:5


  1. You put a positive, appreciate spin on something most people dread! Thanks!

  2. What a good analogy you shared - from your basement! My cup overflows too.


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