Friday, February 22, 2013

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.
** We had a great weekend in Chicago.  Many sites, good food, lots of walking and finding an old grade school friend at the end.  (See my post below)
** The talk around here the last two days is another big snow storm.  I have to laugh because sometimes when there is so much hype we get nothing much.  We got a whoppin' 3 inches. I am not complaining. 
** It has been almost three weeks I have been off caffeine and can say I am surviving it.  De cafe coffee just seemed to have a different taste. 
** Trying a new recipe.  Marinating shrimp tonight and putting on the grill.  Looks like an easy recipe and tasty. 
**I am crocheting an afghan for my friend's daughter who is getting married in August.  I have never used a needle this size before.  I believe it could be labeled as a weapon.
 Hoping you have a great weekend!!


  1. I just picked up a needle about that size (I think mine is a "Q") for an afghan I'm going to try to make. Never used one like that before either.

  2. We lived in Chicago for 3 years doing undergrad at Moody. It was a fun time! So glad you had a good visit and meeting up with old friends is wonderful!!

    That needle does indeed look like a weapon ;-)

    Yay for new recipes! Let us know how the grilled shrimp goes :-)

  3. I lived in Chicago 35 years feel old! I used to spend a lot of time at Wrigley Field.
    Decaf tea taste very different to me too. Did you get headaches?
    I love grilling in the winter, if only it would snow:)

  4. No caffeine? Wow! I'm impressed!!

    Snow. Oy. It snows almost daily here in MI. And the sun DOES NOT shine. Not joking! Makes me miss WI all the more. :)

  5. I'm slow getting around to frags this week - - - new computer learning curve. Spring is definitely on its way, I feel it in the air. We do love us some winter, so we're enjoying EVERY LAST FLAKE before they all melt away.


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