Monday, February 18, 2013

a story about Tracie

Tracie and I met in our little Lutheran grade school when she was in 5th grade and I in 4th.  We had 3 grades in a room and very small classes.  I had nine in my 4th grade class. 
This made the group of kids very close through grade school, high school and college.  We attended each others weddings and then we all pretty much went in different directions. 
Tracie and I have always sent each other Christmas cards and kept up with each others families.  6 years ago our grade school principal was retiring and we got a good group of the classes to attend and surprise him.  The was the last time I saw her.

While we were in Chicago Joel was doing his checking in that he does with facebook.  I should add she lives in IL about an hour south of Chicago.  She saw Joel's check in point at The Shedd Aquarium and she sent me a note.  Her and Bruce were in Chicago meeting her brother and his wife for lunch.  Would we have time to meet.  I was so excited I couldn't stand it. "Of course I would have time!!!!"  We met at a Starbucks and talked a good part of the afternoon away. A lot of reminiscing, laughs and catching up on other classmates. We did let the guys get a few words in. 
This was such a great way to end our little trip.

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