Friday, January 18, 2013

friday fragments

  I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.

* Made my cream puffs last weekend.  Made me think of summer and the WI State Fair.
* Philip has been battling influenza A this week.  Missed his first weeks of classes after his long break.  Thankful he has understanding Professors.
* Got back on the coffee wagon.  When I was sick for those few weeks coffee did not appeal to me just hot tea.  And..... I love coffee.  Tried a small pot on Monday and oh I remember why I love coffee. 
* Tried three new recipes this week, Ranch Stew, Chicken/Bacon Chowder and a new cream cheese coffee cake (for a work meeting).  They are all keepers.  When you make a new recipe do you date it, make any comments about it or just do nothing.  I date everything, put if they liked it and if it was for company write down the guests names too.
* It has been very chilly in WI - we love our flannel sheets. 
* Can't believe we have no plans for the weekend.  My husband does preach this weekend. That means he preaches 4 times - Thursday night, Saturday night and two on Sunday and he has bible class in between services.  So I guess he will be busy.
Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Care to share your recipe for cream puffs? They look sooo good!

  2. We used to date and make comments. But then I gave up on that. Now if I have printed out the recipe and we like it, I put it in a recipe box. Yes I still use those!

  3. Those cream puffs look AMAZING and the NEXT time you get in the mood to make some, just give me a shout out and I'll be RIGHT OVER! ;-)

  4. That cream puff looks delish!

    I drank tea when I was sick, too. Coffee just tasted icky. I am back to drinking coffee again, and I'm glad you are, too. :) I hope Philip feels better soon.

  5. I am with the others I want that cream puff! The photo is amazing. Chicken, bacon chowder sounds pretty good too. If I try a new recipe and it was good I write it on a card and it goes in a file. If we were not crazy about it it goes in the trash. We go on kicks around here and lately we have been trying to perfect home made pizza. So far they have all been good:)
    I wish I loved coffee. I've been a tea drinker my whole life. I love making coffee, I love the smell I just do not like the taste.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. love the layout of your church and yes sounds like your husband will be very busy.
    come see us when you have a chance at

  7. Oh, wow; I'm very distracted by the fact that I just saw a glimpse of the post below this one, and it appears you are going to share your cream puff recipe. I can hardly wait!

    When I try a recipe, I take photos and prepare it for my cooking blog. If it's a dud, I just delete everything. If not, I publish it and put my notes in the post :)

    Glad you're feeling better, and I hope your son is back to himself soon. Have a great week!

  8. Whew, that is a lot of preaching! My hubby is also a minister and I know how exhausting that schedule is!!

    I love coffee too! So glad you can get back to drinking it. I don't give it up except for illness either ;-)

    I hope your son is feeling better. That must be miserable.

  9. The cream puff looks wonderful! Hope Phil is doing better. We've had type A at our place too and it's no fun.
    I like what you do with your new recipes. I don't do anything. :(


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