Sunday, January 13, 2013

cream puffs and whipping cream

Saturday was a baking/cooking day.  Getting things ready for Phil to take back to school and meals ready for the week for us. 
Decided cream puffs would be a nice treat.  Trying to bring a little summer in the house.
If you haven't tried making them they are ever so easy.  I think the most difficult thing just might be stirring the eggs in the dough.
When I am ready to whip the cream and add the powder sugar I always think of my Grandma Klein.
When we would go to her house for holidays she would pull this beater out from the refrigerator, pour the cream in and I would turn the crank for a long time.  I would keep pulling the lid to see if it would be thick yet.  Again, I cranked that handle a long time.  I have this memory sitting on my kitchen counter.
For my birthday last year I got this amazing blender/food processor from my parents.
There is several bases, blades, covers and the top is a motor.  A couple of presses of the button and you things chopped, diced, shredded etc.  I decided how about whipping the cream in this.  Less than five minutes I had thick cream for the puffs.  A-MAZ-ING !!!!!!
All I could think of is what would Grandma think of this ??
The boys told me these tasted awesome !!


  1. The cream puffs look AMAZING!
    I'm going to have to check out the "Ninja" you know where they got it?

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  3. I love your Grandmas old beater, but now I want a Ninja!


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