Friday, October 5, 2012

let's all go to the fair !!!!

We are visiting our Texas family.
They took us to the State Fair today.
All I can say is "WOW" what an amazing fair and "WOW" to the time we had together.
Lots of food on sticks and fried.
 Love spending time with our nephews.

 All 5 guys.
 Went to a dog show.
 Below was my SIL and my favorite.  Picnic on a stick.  Deep fried Chicken, Tator Tots and Pickles on a stick,

 Ummmmmm - no we did not get this.


Phil and I with new shades.


  1. love it. We used to take the kids every year!!! I took Alyssa on that Ferris Wheel when she was just 9 months old!! and Big Tex....a Dallas staple!

  2. Awesome State Fair of Texas pics. Rest in peace, Big Tex!


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