Monday, September 3, 2012

seeing things a little differently

I was so happy to have Philip home for the weekend.
He has been living in his apartment for two weeks and learning what life is about.
He has always been a grateful kid but this weekend he thanked us for anything we did for him.
Funny thing is we did nothing different than when he lived here.  I guess he saw it differently now.

It was fun to see him get excited about getting a 9x13 pan, grill tools, a garlic press and spices for his birthday. 

I made him chocolate chip cookies and filled his new pan.  It has a clear cover so he saw them right before he left.  His response " Awww you made me cookies."

We will be passing through Appleton next weekend. He asked us to stop in and see him.
I also got a list of things he would like, more refrigerator pickles, banana bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies.
Of course he will get all these things dropped off for him and maybe a little more.

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  1. Isn't it fun to do things for them? Glad he's doing well!


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