Sunday, September 2, 2012

celebrating the day

We celebrated the boys birthday with my family today.
Carol - this picture is for you. Yes, we ate dinner in the garage.

This is quite the story.
The two older people who live across from us pretty much know everything that happens on our little street.
Basically, they are nosey !!! While we were eating dinner they parked the lawn chairs on the side of the yard and were watching the other neighbors party. (Can you see them?) Then the neighbor who had the party walked over and started talking to them. So my sister and brother thought they would try it out. It was one of those where you had to be there but it cracked us all up.

We call this "The Log Cake" and it has been a tradition for birthdays for a long time.

This little cousin calls him "My Phil".

Grandpa and Grandma

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  1. The garage looks pretty nice - just right to have a gathering in.
    I had to laugh at the neighbor story. We all know a few people like that although they aren't quite so open with their nosiness!
    I love the relationship your family has. Reminds me of my Dad's family - what a blessing!


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