Saturday, April 28, 2012

our last parents day

This is what it was like when we got to school for the doubleheader this morning.  I sat in the car and waited thinking we would never play.  It let up just a tad and we got both games in. We won the 1st game 6-3 and the 2nd 15-8.  Two very good games.  Philip had several good hits and scored a few times too.
So we held on to our umbrellas tight, had tons of layers and blankets too.  But of course, we enjoyed every moment.  Got home and have the coffee going to try to warm me up and still have all 5 layers still on.  I think it will be a while before I am warm again. 

 Today was parent's day.  So glad it happened when it did because any later and Joel would of missed it.  He had a wedding at 1:00 today.  Below each senior parent got a baseball from their son with a note.  No one had Kleenex on the field.  He thanked us for the support over the years.  Thanks to his dad for all the goodies (sunflower seeds and gum).  He thanked me for never missing a game over all of his years of playing.  I love this boy !!!


  1. I'm all teary eyed over here! Phil is such a sweet guy. Blessings to you all in this last month of school!

    1. Rach- remembered when we moved here you were the senior in high school.


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