Sunday, April 29, 2012

I just wanted to crawl in a hole

I told you about my shopping trip on Friday.  We had confirmation today and I wore one of my new dresses.  I sat up in the balcony so the families of the confirmands could be downstairs.  There is a lot of up and down in our church.  When the service was over the lady behind me told me the zipper on my dress split.  "WHAT??"  Oh my goodness I was so embarrassed.  I said why didn't you tell me sooner.  Her comment "I didn't want to bother you during worship."  Oh please bother me !!!!!  Thankfully I was four rows from the top so the whole congregation did not see my butt.  The lady next to me had a jacket.  We went in Joel's office to try to fix it and nothing.  I ran out the back door with the jacket on and went home. 
I did call Dressbarn and they had one to replace it with.  But really all I could think about was why would this woman not tell  me sooner.  I would of just stayed seated the rest of the service.


  1. Oh no!! THAT is something that would happen to me. So sorry that she didn't tell you sooner.....why???

    1. oh no!!! last night at church I had been talking to 2 ladies for atleast 15 minutes when over to my right a lady says "sara, you have black marks all over your nose, face and neck!" i looked at the ladies I was talking to thinking "seriously!!!! you didn't TELL ME?!!!!" good grief!!

  2. Aaagh! I can't believe it.
    Reminds me of when i was young, my Mom had a hanger stuck in the back belt of her coat and she wore it into church. My dad walked in right behind her and never noticed - she had to be told be the lady behind us. :)
    Glad you have a good sense of humor and shared with us.


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