Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm o.k. - really

It seems the last several  months I have had many people ask me "How are you doing with Phil coming to the end of high school?"  or "Are you doing o.k. knowing your baby will be leaving the nest?"
I thought I was o.k. with all of this.  And the more people asked me these questions I knew I was o.k.

The Lord gives you this child to raise to know HIM, to care for and love. Then it is time for them to take the next big step in their life and move on. Today I saw how ready Philip really is.  How can you not be excited for your child?  Oh. I am not saying it will not be odd having him in the house and hearing "Mom." I will miss him to pieces.  Every parent has to go through this - mine did and they survived.  Forty-five minutes is not that far either. 

So this was our day. The 3 of us and Trevor and his mom headed to Appleton to check out some apartments.  I wish I would of had my camera to take pictures of their faces.  To get excited about how many cupboards are in the kitchen, and ice maker in the freezer, big windows and how large the closets were. They were even talking about how to put the furniture in the living room.   It really cracked me up. 

After the hunt we headed to school.  Had a few mor questions and we just all walked around.

 Talk about cracking me up - these two really loved that I wanted to take their picture in front of the school sign.
They have been friends since 1st grade.

Their future patrol cars. 

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  1. No way! How is it that Phil is THAT OLD??? At least he's just a short drive away. That helps with you feeling ok, I bet! I'm sure you are so proud. :)


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