Sunday, March 18, 2012

a dumpster treasure

We went for a walk tonight just when it started to get dark.  We have sidewalks to walk on so we always feel safe.  It was a beautiful evening. We love to feel the warm breeze and hear the birds. 
We came around the corner and here was a huge dumpster in one of our church member's driveway.  The man passed away and his wife was cleaning out to sell the house.  When we got up to the dumpster we both stood on our toes and too a peek.  There was this chair, looked in good shape and I had many ideas running through my head on what to d with it.  Joel said I will come back later with the car.  But then I was worried someone else might crab it.  We pulled it out ( and still had about 20 minutes till we got home) and Joel carried home.  Hence, was glad it was dark while we were walking.

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  1. Great find! You'll have to share what you do with it.


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