Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - January 9th

Drove through the park today.
This is our lake and the little black
specks out there are fish shanties.
People actually drill a hole through
the ice, sit on a stool, in this little shack,
in sub freezing weather and wait
for a fish to nibble at their bait.
I say "No Thank You."


  1. I'm with you! I've always thought it was crazy to sit out on the ice to fish. You and I can go have hot chocolate somewhere, and stay warm!
    This is a great shot though!

  2. I never understood ice fishing....does NOT sound fun to me!!

  3. wow, i have never heard of that. i always learn a little something from blogging. hehe.

  4. I love to fish, but I say No Thank You too! Ben is dying to try it though! :o)

  5. I hear ice fishing is alot of fun but I would really need to be bundled up to enjoy it.

  6. I am from Iowa and boy do those pictures take me back!!

    Stay warm and I loved your pictures


  7. Not for me. I don't like the cold! But nevertheless, that's a cool picture.

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm freezing here in TX. No way I would sit around out there waiting for a fish to swim by.

  9. Aww, a little homesickness just set in ~ we've been living in northern Alberta for over a year, but we're from Prince Edward Island and the sight of "smelt shacks" [what we call 'em] is a very familiar one from back home! Great photo! :-)

    [found your blog while I was roaming around looking for other Project 365 participants I just started my own Jan 1st, after watching a friend doing it for a while. ]

  10. love ALL your pics from the week...You may have heard on the news, we lost two teens to 'falling into the ice' on one of our local just doesn't get cold enough here for long enough periods of time. it was so sad for their families, and they were older teens.

    Indoor baseball sounds interesting...I LOVE baseball!

  11. That's a great photo.
    I'm sure my husband and his Wisconsin relatives have all 'enjoyed' this sport at different times in their lives. The Kochs lived on a lake and/or near--Butte des Mortes and Winnebago.

  12. Wanted to stop by and say thanks for looking at my pictures! Yours are really good as well. Not sure I would want to do the whole ice fishing either. I'm not a fan of being cold. :) I wore some ballet flats to church a couple of weeks ago after it snowed and realized was NOT a good idea. Hose take longer to dry than you think! Great pictures and can't wait to see next weeks.


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