Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - January 8th

Phil and our neighbor boy Aaron, running down the court tonight. I'm still learning on the new camera. How do I get rid of the blurr?? I was in the sports mode too.


  1. i haven't had any luck with the sports mode on mine, i normally have to play around until i find what works. i was studying up today on Appeture, ISO, and F stops....ugh. it helped a little but my brain can't handle all of that info these days.

  2. I think it is a great picture. Their heads are focused but feet blurred!

    Usually when I am photography sports, I use the mode that clicks like 10 pictures a second...that's an exaggeration but I don't know what the mode is called. it works really well.

  3. LuAnn... this pic is great! You could have asked them to hold still while you took the photo... then it wouldn't have blurred... :) Diane

  4. I like this shot! It shows lots of action!

  5. I think its a great shot! Fun to experiment, isn't it? Pioneer Woman photography would be a great source for you. Love that site and there are tons of tutorials in the archives.


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