Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 354 - Going to Bethlehem

We went to the Market Place in Bethlehem today . My parents have a church near them that has quite the set up. You had to have tickets, go through a time capsule and WOW you feel like you are really in Bethlehem. The people play there parts great, you go through the market place, deal with the Roman soliders and end up at the stable and see Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It was amazing!!! And did I say live animals.


  1. A church near us does the Bethlehem Alive Nativity and it really is fun to go and feel like you are part of it.
    Nice camel shot!

  2. we had a church in IN that did this and it was so cool.

  3. Amazing!
    We watched The Nativity Story, that's as close as we got to Bethlehem. I LOVE that movie, seems so authentic, and such a tender story. AND Mary looks just like our granddaughter!


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