Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 353 - Birthdays and Pizza

Our dear neighbors/friends from church invited us over for dinner tonight.
We had pizza from Joe's Fox Hut - our favorite place.
This is Phil and Aaron at the end of the table
just waiting to dig in.
Here is the best part.
They ordered Joel's and my favorite.
Canadian Bacon, Green Olives
and Pineapple.
We take this picture every year.
We were celebrating December birthdays.
Linda - the one in the middle- also Diane's sister-
had a birthday on December 5th. I have to admit she is a little
younger than the other two.
Diane had her birthday December 9th and
mine is tomorrow. Diane and I are actually the same age.


  1. What a fun night! I have to tell you that you are confused about the pizza. Canadian bacon and pineapple makes a wonderful pizza, but when you add olives, you spoil it!

  2. i can always count on seeing alot of blue in your photos...ha! that pizza is looking good though! yum!

  3. Great photos this week -- enjoyed seeing some of your special Christmas decorations!

    Happy belated birthday too :-) I always hated having a December birthday as a kid; partly because people would give me one gift and say it was for both and partly because I could never have a very big party since it had to be indoors due to weather. Now I'm just grateful to be having birthdays :-)

    Have a wonderful, blessed, best ever Christmas!

  4. ok that is a weird sounding combination on the pizza, but I would give it a try!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday! My birthday is in December too...a great month for birthdays! :)

  6. Canadian Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you.
    Happy Birthday, Luann!


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