Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 74 - Good Bye AZ

We went to our friend's church today.
(They have the lemon tree).
We saw some friends from back home
visiting too.
Phil waiting before the game for autographs.
It was worth the wait.
This is where we had dinner tonight.
We walked around
downtown Phoenix.
We head home early tomorrow morning.
It was a wonderful four days spending it
with family and friends.
And seeing all the great sights.
Tomorrow afternoon it is back to reality!!


  1. Looks like a great week full of friends and family. Nice shots.

  2. hard rock cafe, cool. glad it was such a great time. my parents just came in from AZ today too, and they were talking about the grapefruit and orange trees in my uncles backyard, i had to tell them about your uncle that they visited lives in Scottsdale.


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