Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 73 - Meeting Friends in AZ

Today was another great day in AZ and it wasn't just the sun.
Some of my church friends from KML will know
this friend I'm with. Our husbands have known each
other since they were three. They went to college and sem to together.
They had us over for brunch this a.m. It was delicious!!!
Thanks Jon and Sandy - it was great to see you and your kiddos.
Our group picture and this one were taken by their lemon tree.
Sandy made fresh lemonade and sent
some lemons home with us too!


  1. yum, stop torturing us! fresh lemons? oh my. this is a great picture of you LuAnn!

  2. Great pictures and I can almost smell the lemons from here!

  3. Nice pictures. Fresh lemons and lemonade sound great~!

  4. i'd loveto have a lemon tree! gr8 pics

  5. How great to have longtime friends!


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