Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 51 - My 2nd Son

When Joel took a call to his 3rd church (where we are now) Phil was in the middle of 1st grade.

He started in the Christian Day School a couple of days later. He came home and told me about Caleb. The became instant buds and have been that way ever since. (Now in 9th gr). They are both very competitive and enjoy all the same three sports. I took this picture of Caleb and Phil after school today waiting to go to their basketball game. Don't they look nice in their ties? He actually calls himself my second son. The other picture is of the two of them after they won the championship in 6th grade.


  1. I hope they won!

    Cute pics....go Panthers and Vikes!!

  2. Nice picture - they do look good all dressed up. How great to still be friends and I also think it's great that you have been at the same church that long. It doesn't seem like many pastors have that long of a stay.

  3. so awesome to have such a good friend!! We moved to our 3rd church when our middle son was in 1st grade, but then God moved us again, here, when he was in 9th grade


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