Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 50 - Vacation

I have this sweatshirt on today.
I am longing to be at this place.
We vacation here every summer.
We leave in 5 months.
Did I tell you I'm tired of the cold?!?!


  1. I wish I could send you some spring!!

  2. I've heard that's a great place to visit. We aren't that far away and one of these days we'll make it there!

  3. Wisconson, that's farrrr away from me! i live in Texas, but it sounds like you enjoy it! can't wait till you get to go. i think it will be fun to see the seasons change for all of us 367ers!

  4. I have a sweatshirt just like this. Only mine says "Deer Lake." Same idea. :-)
    ...I do, however, have an unopened bottle of wine that was complimentary when we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in EauClaire - it says, "DOOR COUNTY Wines."
    Since we don't drink, I will have it forever in the pantry....

  5. Although I've never been, a good friend also goes to Door County every year and usually brings us back some cherry jam. Yum! Don't guess he'll be mailing any to us so far away though. *sigh* Just keep the memory of vacation in your head, and forget about the weather :-)


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