Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 - My Gentle Son

This picture is of my son Philip after he came home from the funeral of one of his football teammates.

This young man was killed on December 30th in a snowmobile accident. Philip goes to a Christian school so he and his teammates knew where this young man has gone. To be with his Lord in Heaven.

When he left for the funeral I hugged him tight and told him how much I loved him. His comment was "Ya mom I know" I said "I know you know but I am thankful for you and Eric's mom can't do this anymore." I don't think we can EVER tell a loved one enough how much we love them while they still have grace on this earth.


  1. So true. I love up on my kiddos everyday. I have to say what a comfort it must be KNOWING that your beloved is in Heaven. There have been times when I've known that that was not the case, and those funerals were the most painful, you just don't have anything comforting to know.
    Your son looks so handsome. I love what you said to him..."Because Eric's mom can't do this anymore." Did he hug you tighter then?

  2. Excellent photo! Of course he's a very photogenic subject :-)
    Welcome to the blogging world! I'm fairly new to it myself (just over a year). This is a wonderful community of friends all over the world.
    Project 365 is going to be a LOT of fun I think :-)

  3. Oh Phil...he is getting so old and so handsome!!

    My Mom told me about Eric's death. My heart is broken for his family and friends...but rejoicing that he is with Jesus today!


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