Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26 - Are You Kidding Me?

My boss called me this morning and said she was not coming in and working from home today. Her keyboard did not work at home so could I get the one from her desk. She would be at the drive up window in a few minutes. Here I am on the floor with a million cords trying to pull the right one out. I pulled out three of the wrong ones, tried to put the cords back in right connection and it was dark under that desk. My co-worker grabbed my camera and flash. My picture for the day. I sure hope she doesn't want me to try to reconnect it tommorrow. I am thankful I could actually get under there.


  1. What a great pic! And kuddos to your coworker to help out with the 365 project!!!

  2. I love this! However - I hate trying to do anything with all those cords. Tell your boos to get a laptop!

  3. LOL - too funny! I would have needed my glasses!

  4. that would be a nightmare! I'd be worried I unplugged something that messed up something!

    nice picture!


  5. Cute pic!!

    I love my little stick up lights I put down by my cpu - I am constantly under there plugging or unplugging something!

  6. This cracks me up! But really, I can only laugh because this would SO be me...I have NO idea where all of those cords plug in! :)

  7. What exactly ARE all those cords for? And which one is the fatal one to pull??

    The pic of the basketballs was very unique.


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