Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19- A Few of My Favorite Things


I was dusting this afternoon and was thinking of the things in my home that reminded me of the people in my life and those who are enjoying the glories of heaven.

I have many antiques in my home from relatives and lots of stories to tell but maybe as the year goes on and more dusting is done I will have to show more of them. I took this in the sepie mode on the camera for the full effect.

On the top shelf is the newest item in the middle - Tinkertoys.
I had these as a kid - my parents still have them in the basement. I just got these from Joel's aunt and uncle (aka the bread story).

Next row is my mom's old camera. I think when she was in high school. I'm not quite sure on that time frame.
The old radio was my Grandma's and it still works. It takes awhile to get started because the bulbs have to warm up.

The old clock also still works, chimes and all. We have to wind it once a week. This was Joel's great grandparents. I never knew them but did know their son Philip who was Joel's grandpa.
Our son is also named after him.


  1. I love those kinds of items!! nice picture

  2. I love those old things, especially when you have a connection to them. We have some old Tinkertoys from when my husband was young, and also have some old camera's.

  3. I see a scrapbook happening here!lol Maybe, 6x6 or 8x8, pic of each item and the story behind it. If you go it's just a bunch of stuff and a bunch of pics without your unique perspective and story :). Off my soapbox now! lol Love the pic AND the story! Of course a blog about it is probably just as good ;)

  4. so neat to have a bit of a past there on display to spark memories about loved ones and stories to share with family; I like the effect you did too with the sepia!


  5. those are great! i love that you have them all together. thanks for commenting on my blog post. :) we did our own makeup!!

  6. I love items like this. I have my great-grandpa's Bible on our bookshelf...and I look forward to inheriting many more items like it.


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