Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18 - Awesome!!!

This morning while my husband was giving his sermon
the sun came out and came through
this beautiful window in our balcony.
And brought us the awesome picture below .I am so glad I stuck the camera
in my purse before church.
It took this picture
after the service.


  1. That is breathtaking! Aren't you glad you had your camera at the right time to capture it? :)

  2. LuAnn....great minds must think alike - my pic from today was taken at church, too!

    That is SO beautiful. I always love coming back to FLC.....this picture makes me miss "home".

  3. That IS awesome! You get great pics LuAnn. I just don't seem to see things with that artistic flare. First you had to notice it and then you had to be able to capture it on film. . .well, ahm camera. Great job :)

  4. So pretty! I am going to make the cherry chocolate muffins, yumm!

  5. Beautiful pic! Thanks for visiting my page. I am also on Weight Watchers... it has really saved me.

  6. Hi LuAnn - I was reading Mari's blog and she wrote something about you find blessings in every day! I need that right now so I thought I would subscribe! Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. Thanks for stopping by "Yellow House" it is so nice to meet new friends. Your pictures from today took my breath away. Beautiful.

  8. That is just beautiful. God is SO good!

  9. Wow, amazing. I can't believe how well that photographed! I love stained glass.

  10. That is beautiful! My picture is from church today too.

  11. such a beautiful picture!!

    enjoy your week ahead :)


  12. I am a camera-carrying-freak and I had to promise my husband and pastor I would not take pictures during church.
    These are beautiful! You sure can't beat the SUN beaming through a stained-glass window for a gorgeous photograph!
    ~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

  13. That is a breathtaking photo!

  14. Lovely photos! I went back through and looked at the whole're doing so great at posting pictures every day. I'm doing good to get them up on Sunday!

    I really got a kick out of the sign at the coffee shop! That's great. As is the story of the girl who wanted the puppy. hahaha

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy my warm weather even more after seeing all the cold and snowy photos on blogs from the north! Brrrrr.


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