Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16- Little Blessings

I work in a small ma & pop coffee shop. We have a lot a regular customers that come in daily.
We know their names, we know about their families and when we see their car coming in the parking lot we'll have their drink ready for them before they walk in the door.

We have a couple that comes in almost daily with their daughter. Last fall we found out she was having twins. We enjoyed our updates from them on the progress of these babies.

On December 1st the mom became bedrest and her husband was still there for her decafe flavored with a little cream and chocolate muffin. Some mornings we ran out of those muffins before he got in. So we started to set one aside for him.

On Monday January 12, they had two healthy boys who both weighed over 6 pds. Tuesday her mom called and told us about the babies and asked us to hold a chocolate muffin. That was what the mom was craving that a.m.

So to our surprise they showed up at the coffee shop today. There were sooo cute. They had Dr.s appts and stopped in for lunch. I just happen to have my camera.


  1. Oh, that is such a great story! How fun to see the cause of those chocolat muffin cravings! :)
    They are entirly too cute for words.
    I am fasinated by multiples. Both the babies themselves and how the parents DO it. Double the trouble, double the love. Phew, I'm wiped out thinking about it.
    Cute picture, thanks for sharing that sweet story.

  2. what a great story and the babies are adorable!!

    I work in a family owned coffee shop too!!! It was my picture on Monday! we have a lot of regulars too. I told someone that I think I actually do more ministry there that at the church sometimes!

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! And what a fun story!

  4. They are so cute! Isn't it fun to get to know people like that? I'm glad you had your camera.

  5. so adorable!! I think its neat where you work; I always thought it would be fun to work at a coffee shop, especially one like where you work where everyone knows each other

    enjoy the weekend


  6. This is a great pic LuAnn - first b/c you thought to take it and second b/c you can see all the detail in their little faces - very cool.


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