Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15 - Is it Spring yet?

This is me going to work this morning. When we got up @ 5:30 it was -15 degree - windchill -33 degrees. Schools were called off last night. The sun is shining so it makes the house feel a little warmer. You southern bloggers enjoy your warmth. Thanks for the scarf mom !

The picture below is something my kids wanted me to post. It was our entertainment before supper. It was quite crazy. Had some good laughing on my husband. Sorry Joel! Love you!

I had some chicken legs to bake for supper but everyone wanted them grilled. My husband said he would do it. Too cold for me. But he decided to grill in the garage and not open anything up because he didn't want the cold to come. I did not understand this at all. Anyway, he began to grill and every time he came in the house more smoke came inside. I opened the door from the house and couldn't even see him in the garage. Thus the picture. You can see my headlight in the lower right. I had the fan running in the kitchen he couldn't understand why. Why? Because it was getting pretty smokey in the house and he couldn't even see it. Why? Look where he was standing. Oh my, he finally opened the garage door to finish his grilling. Never did have the smoke alram go off. After we sat down and we did some good teasing and laughing. The chicken was good and we had a lovely armoa in the house this morning of smoke.


  1. That is really funny... about the grilling.
    Love the look! I have a fur hat too. If I could afford it I'd have a fur coat too! With chinchilla fur around the coller and wrists. Oh, you bet I would!

  2. it was actually very cold here today (for the south) 22 degrees!!! And it snowed!!!

    Love the picture of the smoke, that is so funny!

  3. I'm in Indiana, and we are feeling the arctic blast, too. That's a cute pic of you.

  4. brrr with your picture!!! I won't say how warm it was today

    cute grilling story!


  5. It's cold here, but not that cold! I love the grilling story.

  6. It's -4 this morning, so if you're thinking KY is southern, we're feeling it too. I can't believe that you guys are off school! We didn't even have an hour delay! I feel so bad for the kids waiting for their buses.

  7. I love your hat! What I really wish is that my coat had a hood, but my coat was free so I can't complain.

    Great story about the chicken! That is quite a picture!

  8. Oh, man. That's funny. Hey, anything for a good laugh.

    And about the ironing. I procastinate, too and finally set aside two hours for it, and find out it actually takes me about 20 minutes!

  9. What is it with men and thier grill?


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