Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It was all about the polka dots

My niece Leah was 11 a week ago today.  We did our celebrating on Sunday. 
I make her cake each year and found one on Pinterest back in January.  I sent it to my sister and said this is the cake I am making.  We did not tell Leah but she started to pick out napkins, plates etc. with the dots going on.
Guess how many gumballs? 
My dad won with 211, actual amount 215.

My mom brought her story book dolls out for us to look at. 
Oh Look!!! There are dots on the box. 

Leah takes after her Aunt (me) and Grandma, she loves to bake.  She got her first cookbook from me.

Sage, I am not into these dolls but I guess this one is a big deal.

My parents are getting their living room painted this week and new furniture soon.  The guys cleared out the old stuff for someone to pickup.  So this is their new seating.


  1. what a fun party! and that cake looks amazing!!! I am not a great baker, so I am always impressed by your goodies!!!

  2. Wow, LuAnn! You get my vote for Aunt of the year! What a beautiful cake! Love this blog post. Cute little niece! Blessings to you!


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