Thursday, July 25, 2013

our last day

Today was our last day of vacation.  Tomorrow we will head to Algoma for breakfast with friends and then head home to the real world.  It is a bitter sweet day !!

Today was a sidewalk sale kinda day in Sturgeon Bay, looking at lots of stuff the stores are trying to get rid of.  Found a few bargains.  Saw so many cherry trees and thought of the picture I took in May and then what the tree looks like now !!!  How awesome is our God !!!!!

We got 10 lbs of tart cherries for $14.  The cherry pitter and I will be great friends tomorrow afternoon.  Hope to find a cherry pie filling that I will can.

 We went down the hill to say good-bye to Joel's Aunt and Uncle.  
 Ate some of the weeks leftovers for dinner and packed up what we could.

 Trying to finish up our library books.  Good night for it a storm is coming.

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  1. You got some beautiful pictures and it sounds like a great vacation!


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