Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad


  • He is the man who has loved and cared for my mom for over 51 years.  
  • He also did the same for the four of us while we were at home.
  • He worked hard in a foundry for 42 years.  
  • He put us through Lutheran grade school and high school.
  • He is the man that drove his wife and 4 kids, in a van, (for 3 weeks) with a pop up camper behind, driving through the mountains, with two of us afraid of heights, seeing the sights.  
  • He is the dad that warmed water on the Coleman stove and helped his teenage daughter wash her hair. Because we were in a state park and there was no such thing as warm water.
  • He would run to the grocery store for my mom on Saturday.  You knew if you went you would get a donut, quick eat it in the car and you think know one knew except the two of you.  But the others knew because he did it with them too.
  • He has loved us, cared for all of us, made sure we got to church every Sunday ( even if it was a half hour before it started have I said my dad is very prompt.

Thank you for loving us dad !!! Because you know we love you back just as much!!!

Love you !!!

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  1. I know what a great Dad you have. He reminds me a lot of my Dad. And me Dad always got us to church a half hour early too. :)


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