Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The weekend Carol took me away .....

I turned 50 back in December.  When Carol called to wish me a happy birthday she said she was going to plan a get away weekend for us.  It all happened this past weekend.  I knew nothing till she picked me up at my parents.  She had called me the week before to let me know what to bring. 

It was an amazing time with my friend.  She had planned every detail so carefully to make this just so darn special.  I really can't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. 

We stayed at the wonderful hotel downtown Milwaukee  "The Pfister."  WOW I couldn't stop gazing at every detail in this lobby.  And this is where we are staying. 

This is one of the many Valets.  We were heading out for a famous Wisconsin fish fry and she decided that we would take a cab.  Not realizing that we would fear for our lives the way the cabbie drove.  This man stood in the middle of the street and waved his arm and zoof there was a cab. 

This crazy faces were outside the restaurant.

We had a great fish fry and then the polka band started.  So many children dancing in front of these two men as they played their music.

The pool was on the 23rd floor of the hotel.  Who does that???
But the view was incredible.  That is why I have a few pictures of the city.

We found this fluffy robes in the closet. 

The next morning we had manicure and pedicure appointments in the hotel spa.
Too many colors to choose from.

I had a glass of "special" orange juice.

Talk about a pampering.

We did a little shopping at the mall and spent some of colors money on some new clothes for her. 

We headed back, changed and drove to the Fireside.  It is a dinner and then you head into the theater and see a show.  When Carol made the reservations she told them it was my birthday.  Then they announced all birthday and anniversaries before the show.  We had a tasty meal that was 5 courses.  I have to say we were very full.

We saw Footloose.  It was back from the 80's with all the stylish clothes and music. We really would of loved just to get up and dance at the end.  We refrained. The stage is in the middle and and the seats surround it.  We were front and middle in our section.  We think we spotted an outfit on one of the cast members that looked like mine from many moons ago.  

We ended the weekend worshipping together at one of our churches right around the corner from our hotel. 
I am so thankful for this Christian friend the Lord has given me.
Thank you again Carol.  It is a weekend a will never forget.


  1. What wonderful photos! Beautiful!

  2. Awww! Sounds like such a memorable birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  3. What a wonderful friend! It looks like an amazing time, and a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!


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