Monday, April 29, 2013

MN - part one

We traveled to Minnesota this weekend.  We spent Friday night with my brother and his wife.  Laughs, giggles, good food and they introduced us to Duck Dynasty.  Now that is a crazy show.

We left the next morning and headed about 40 miles down the road to the next group of relatives, Joel's sister and her family.  The kids had a track meet and what a wonderful day.  It was actually almost hot out.
We had fun watching Kaitlyn and Micah compete.

 You will see many pictures of our niece Kate.  Most of the day I got "Take my picture" and I left many on the photo chip.

We came back to the house for some catching up with everyone.

Joel and his brother and sisters.

The cousins - sad the Dallas cousins couldn't be there.  We will see you in a few weeks.

This game is a Hoot!!!!!

I am getting this game!!!

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