Friday, April 19, 2013

friday fragments

** I have a wonderful weekend with Carol.  Really felt like we had the royal treatment in every way possible.  There is a post below about it with picture.

**Rain, Rain, Rain, we have had so much of it.  Joel's joke with our flooded backyard was "LuAnn, you always wanted lake property." 

**Wednesday we went to the Brewer game with Phil and Morgan.  Had big plans for tailgating because Morgan had never done that before.  Well our tailgating was opening the back of the trunk, fixing your plate and eating in the car.  It was very windy, cold and rainy.  Thankful the roof closes at the stadium.

**Part way through the game Phil and Joel received text messages from people that they were on T.V.  One of Phil's friends took a picture of the T.V.  How funny was that.  Phil thought he was a big deal !! Morgan and I just sat down so you can't see us.

**One of my students gave me a new website to look at with tons of home ideas.
Check it out -  I really have gotten many ideas from there already.  When I told Joel about wanting to redo the bathroom and pretty much ripping out everything I just got a smile.  I know what that means too - "ya right".

**We have a wedding that Joel is performing tomorrow.  I hope to get in the yard and get some of the flower beds cleaned up.

**Next weekend we head to MN for our niece's confirmation.  I made her some cut out cookies and she picked mint colored frosting that I piped on. 

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.

Hope your weekend is great !!!!


  1. the mighty Wisconsin is high in her banks and very angry. I guess even she is ready for these snow flakes to stop flying

  2. I love weddings in the spring. There's nothing like it, really. I have two bathrooms, both of which are wanting. So I use both for different functions. Such is life, isn't it?

  3. Your hubby's observation of a flooded backyard = lake front property cracked me up! I hope the rain lets up so you can get out and get the flower beds cleaned up. ;)

    That is so funny that not only did Phil's friend text him about him being on TV, but took a pic of the TV, too - that's a true friend. ;)

    I'm going to have to peruse that website - usually I'm the one with the smile of "yeah right" when the hubby suggests things - but only because I know *I'll* be the one to actually do it...heh!

    Spring has Sprung, Princess Nagger’s Newest Obsession Chibi License, Dung Beer and Winemaker’s Competition: Friday Fragments

  4. Glad Phils friend got that picture - very cool!


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