Friday, April 5, 2013

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.
**  You can't see me smiling but I really am.  Our snow is almost gone, we can see the brown grass, lilac bush budding and a few things are popping through the dirt.  Joel is so anxious he put the table and chairs on our deck already.
**  We had a great Easter celebrating Jesus victory over the grave. I was at church by 5:45 a.m. and home just before 10 a.m.  Lot of singing, brass playing, good breakfast and fun at my parents house later on.
**  I have officially banded sweaters and scarves.  It was in the low 30's this week but for heaven sakes it is April.  No sandals yet.
**  We are lovin' that the Brewers started playing this week.  Enjoy watching their games on T.V.  We are going to a game in about 2 weeks. 
**  I washed my car this past weekend, inside and out.  Love the sparkle, not just has to get a little warmer so I can put the top down.
**  Having friends over tonight to play sheepshead.  A few snacks, cards, laughing, discussing why we played the card we did and some apple pie. 
** Joel and Phil have their last basketball tournament this weekend.  Joel is officially retiring from coaching.  He has coached football, basketball and baseball over the last 13 years.  It was also fun for him to coach the last 3 years with his son by his side.  We have some much needed projects to finish up around our house.  I am hoping he might have a little extra time. 
Enjoy your weekend !!!  Hope Spring has headed your way too!!


  1. I'm seeing flip-flops and chacos here already!
    Enjoy spending more time with Joel; coaching has to take up an incredible amount of time!

  2. Thank you for stopping over. So nice to meet you. Where do you live since you have snow? I'm in Southern California. Last week I mentioned how much I miss Lilac and Forsythia bushes from my childhood in Illinois. I don't know what Sheepshead is but have a fun time tonight!

  3. I love game night with friends... & good food :) Have fun!

    I actually wore flip flops last weekend just because. Dont count that I had on a sweatshirt & jacket with it... I am trying to FORCE Spring in!

  4. All that snow melting, buds popping stuff was happening over here all week too - - - then WHY is it SNOWING right now?

    Ah well, this too shall pass and at least THIS time of year the snow melts away about as quickly as it falls.

  5. I always thought it would be fun being married to a coach, but my hubby has no interest in that at all. Yours sure has done a lot of it!


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