Friday, April 12, 2013

friday fragments

** Welcome to another rainy, cloudy, cold, a little snow kind of Friday in WI.  I have put away my mittens, winter coat, scarves and sweaters.  I am just sick of wearing them!!  I have the spring coat on, 3 quarter length sleeves and still wearing socks.  Seems like the weather is what everyone is talking about. 

** SPLASH ! Have you watched this show yet?  I am telling you I think it is about the craziest thing I have ever watched and keep watching it.  My brother comes over for dinner on Tuesdays, we get the dishes done and there we sit cracking up at these poor people trying to dive. 

** Very excited for today !!!  My bestie Carol who lives in Cincinnati is heading up today in the cold.  (It is 80 by her and I told her I would drive down) She told me back in December when I turned 50 that she wanted to take me away on a weekend, her treat.  Well this is the weekend and I can hardly wait for our fun.  I really have no idea about anything.  I am proud of Joel and Phil because they know and have said nothing.  She told me what to bring along and she is picking me up at my parents this afternoon.  What a blessing our friendship has been to me, 23 years and counting......

**  My photo challenge this week is clouds.  Guess I will not participate this week.  We just have a grey blanket in the sky.

** We have a niece and nephew from each side of the family who have the same birthday!!!
APRIL 15th - Happy Birthday Alyssa and Micah - enjoy your day !!!

Have a great weekend !!!

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.


  1. Hey I'm in Cincinnati even now & it's not 80 degrees today - a cold front came through & it's only 47 right now :) Of course, tonight we're doing the Relay for Life walk - won't that be fun in the cold?

    Have a great time on your get-away!

  2. I've watched Splash : ) I give them credit for having guts- those judges mark them like they're pros, not amateurs! thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your weekend!


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