Friday, March 8, 2013

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.

**I am excited to say that I got first place for my apple pie and was chosen the people's choice for my display.
I am very humbled about all of this and thank God for the love of baking. I won 2 $50 gift cards to our local grocery store.

There was a little bit of family and friends in this display. My dad got my the old coke bottle awhile ago, Diane brought me the popcorn container and peanuts, Joel gave me the flag, my mom bought me the place mat and Phil gave me one of his home run balls.

**We met Phil's friend Morgan.  Joel and I thought she was such a sweet girl and so easy to talk too.  I really liked that she asked if she could help with anything.  I washed the dishes, Morgan dried and Phil put away.  It was fun to listen to them talk because they have so much in common.

**We have Lenten services on Wednesday.  It was quite the chatter why the pastor's wife from Faith was in their congregation for church.  Many questions asked of me, pointing and whispers.  Really people..... my boss invited me to go to her church after work.  Same kind of church, same hymnal, liturgy and so on.  I don't know what the jibber jabber was for. 

** Had errands for work yesterday and really was does 39 feel spring like.  I called Joel and said I think I am ready to put the top down on the car.  His response "LuAnn."  OK I didn't but was sure tempting.

** Tonight we are going to Milwaukee and pick up my niece Alyssa who is student teaching there.  Then plan is to head into downtown Milwaukee and look for a fun place to eat.  Haven't been there in years. 

**My photo challenge this week is reflections.  I am having a hard time with this one.  Our water is frozen over, we have no tall glass buildings and even thought mirrored sunglasses might work.  Nope, no one in the house has a pair. 

**My niece Katie called me last night. How fun to hear the excitement in her voice about her new apartment.  In her words I made a BIG girl decision about moving all by myself.  She cracks me up. 

Well people that is the scoop on my little week.  Have a wonderful weekend !!!!


  1. so funny...39 = top down in car...that would equal down jackets for us!!!

    how about the reflection in a glass or a mirror in the house?

  2. Congrratulations on your win! Your pie looks delicious and the display makes me think of long ago days in 4-H when I entered the food fairs.

    Visiting from Friday Frags...have a nice weekend!

  3. CONGRATS on winning the pie contest and being the 'people's choice' for your display (which was genius, by the way). :)

    Glad to hear the dinner/meeting with Phil's friend Morgan went very well - she sounds nice!

    Jibber jabber is unnecessary. :)

    Hmmmm - you could use a hand mirror and take a reflection of something - the sky, a flower, a pet... or even yourself! :)

    Have a great weekend, LuAnn! :)

    Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

  4. The pastor's wife chatter is funny, only because I have experienced it. Like walking across the faith isle is this earth shattering thing ;-)

    Hooray on your apple pie prize!!

  5. Congrats on winning the apple pie contest! A really fun place to eat in Milwaukee is the Safe House, but you definitely have to make reservations. Have fun!

  6. you go girl!!! my pie would never win any award.


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